20 More Crazy Perspective Photos Taken With a GoPro Camera

Warning. Viewing these photos may make you want to A) Leave your desk job to pursue a career in extreme sports B) Jump in a kayak and plummet down a waterfall or C) Buy a fearless-looking, jet-skiing labradoodle (see last photo). As long as that’s out of the way, may we now present you with another amazing set of crazy perspective photos taken with a GoPro Camera.

After our first post was shared around the web, we knew it was just a matter of time before we put together this follow-up compilation. For our first photo, what could be more epic than seeing a person free falling head-first down to the earth with his muscles tense and his arm stretched out? Just when we thought humans (and a dog) couldn’t get any more extreme, they do. Thanks, GoPro users, for letting us join you on your exhilarating ride!

Above photo: Everything’s better with friends. Ralph Turner took this amazing shot of his pal Dexter Marcelino skydiving over Miami.

Parasailing in Mallorca with Francisco Javier Alvarez-Ossorio Rossello!

GoPro athlete Ronnie Renner FMX + HERO3 Burst Mode = Rad.

GoPro rockstar Ben Brown doing some in-depth testing of his new HERO3!

GoPro fan Clive Mason says “This was my little girls 3rd flight… now she’s holding the stick. Live the dream!”

Say cheese! Macking waves are not the only thing Kelly Slater has to keep an eye on in the water.

Even the GoPro Bomb Squad has downtime. – in Salt Lake City, UT.

GoPro friend and Waterluster Patrick Rynne captioned this photo, “New Year’s resolution #1 – Get outside and explore.”

Jacob Andersen playing in the waves in Karrebaeksminde Harbor in Denmark.

Getting high with Manuel Gindi, who says, “Nice speedfly session in Salzburg (Austria) a few days ago ūüôā I hope you like it and it will be photo of the day ūüėÄ !!!!!”

GoPro Goodwill Ambassador Kris Jamieson gets some lip smashing in at Powder Mountain Catskiing and Heliskiing in Whistler, BC. Photo Burst Mode, 30 shots/3 seconds, WiFi Remote in his right hand. Yeah, Jaymo!

GoPro athlete Brian Lopes shreds fall colors and rocks his new HERO3!

GoPro athlete Chad Kagy goes Easy Rider with his HERO3.

Pilot WIley Miller takes GoPro athlete Tom Wallisch and his HERO3 for a flight over Salt Lake and Stansbury Island!

Kayaking the black water of the Poudre River in Colorado after a big forest fire and a flash flood. Photo by Ian Madsen.

Daniel Kofler paragliding over the Dolomites with his HERO3!

GoPro athlete Rush Sturges paddling Tomata Falls in Mexico. – in Alseseca, Puebla.

GoPro Media Team member Caleb Farro rocks his Superman on the slopes.

Hot air ballooning over Ontario with Mark Freeman #408!

Now that is one talented Labradoodle! Shared by GoPro fan Brian Lyle.

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