More Meat Than Even I Can Handle! Fogo de Wow!

In our quest to find some of the best restaurants in LA, bro and I headed to Fogo de Chao in Beverly Hills last week. And because dinner costs a pretty penny at $56.50, we decided to starve ourselves the night before and have lunch for a still-expensive-but-a-little-more-reasonable, $34.50. Before we get into it….I would like to say…it's worth every penny! As you may know, Brazil is famous for their churrasco barbeques – a centuries old guacho tradition where they slow grill meat over open flamed pits. At Fogo de Chao they keep that tradition alive by offering up fifteen different cuts of beef, pork, lamb and chicken! Now trust me people, you'll be so full after your 7th cut, you'll want to pass out, Thanksgiving style!

We walk in and immediately I am struck by the beauty of this place. It's not modern or chic but it's beautiful in a rustic kind of way. At the entrance, they have a magnificent 27-ft tall wine cellar standing next to their beautiful bar. Colorful wall murals throughout the dining rooms depict scenes of the Gaucho lifestyle and culture in Brazil and Dramatic lighting, textured walls and dark wood make this place warm and inviting.

Of course, I had Eugene pose in front of some of the huge murals.

The salad bar is impressive 'cause it's not your usual selection of greens. They have that too but in addition they have roasted red peppers and asparagus, mozzarella balls, smoked salmon, and some amazing cheese.

But friends, you don't come here for the salad, you come here for the meat! As the servers come around with their meat of choice, you get to taste everything from bacon wrapped filet mignon..

to smoked sausage….

to perfectly cooked lamb..

in fact, you start ODing a bit on all the meat…

You feel a bit overwhelmed and a little anxious by all the food that's swirling around you but you can't get over how delicious and succulent each piece of meat tastes. Pure heaven!

Now the most genius part of this place? The red/green coaster they give you signals, “Bring it on, baby! I can take more!” or “Woah Nelly, let me unbuckle my pants.”

That day, they were having problems with their electricity so they didn't have their famous cheese bread but we hear it's delicious! They made up for it by giving us this amazing flan – quite possibly the best flan I have ever had, perfect consistency, just the right amount of caramel sauce. A must have dessert! Overall?: Some of the best meat I have ever had in an establishment that knows how to give people an experience. For meat lovers, you must try this place out. Service was excellent, the servers come around so often you never feel neglected. Who should go?: Carnivores. People who like bacon wrapped anything. Bring your parents who just came into town, that hot lady you want to shag or your brother in college who hasn't had a decent meal in months. Come hungry, otherwise this place will be a waste. Prices: (At the time of this post.) $34.50 Lunch $56.50 Dinner You can also come just for the salad bar: $24.50 Lunch $28.50 Dinner Tips: Valet parking is $5.50 but you can find street metered parking if you're lucky. There are several locations throughout the United States and Brazil but if you're coming into Cali – there's only this one. Fogo de Chao (Yelp) 133 N La Cienega Blvd Beverly Hills, CA 90211 (310) 289-7755

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