More NYC Nightlife (because this city doesn’t sleep)

THE GATES – 290 8th Avenue (between 24th & 25th St.)

Sooo my friend took me here Saturday night. It was formerly the Biltmore Room (the marble walls alone have been valued at $2.4 million), and reopened as a "super-luxury lounge": the Gates. It operates with an "ambassador" program that awards keys to 125 members of the "New York City elite", who are allowed to add a certain amount of "members" to a permanent list. I honestly don't know how this is enforced, because my friend just walked up to the bouncer and whispered a name. All I was concerned about was whether my ID would pass (because the bouncers looked super strict, and I'm not 21 yet), but I got in without any trouble. yay 😀

The interior is absolutely beautiful: Floor to ceiling is entirely decked out in marble with gold accents, and shiny chandeliers softly illuminate the main room. There is even a roaring fireplace in the back room. Mirrors are hung on the walls and decorate the table tops. Everyone was beautifully dressed (not formal wear, but definitely with more class than the local clubs). And as you might expect, the drinks are pricey: $16 for Grand Marnier & OJ. They played a variety of electro beats and some hip hop, but too bad there was hardly any room to dance!

this bar will empty your wallet

the entrance screams "exclusivity"
Tribeca Grand Hotel – 2 Ave. of the Americas (near Walker St.)

The narrow-looking entrance leads to a stunning surprise: a beautiful, breathtaking, spacious lobby which had me in awe for a split-second. I looove the atmosphere– it's so chic, modern, and trendy. Their Saturday night parties are pretty popular (due to the promoters they hire), but we got there at like 3am so the scene was starting to disperse. But from what was left of the crowd, it was just a bunch of model-esque people sitting in their own groups mingling with each other. I can't wait to come back (and get here earlier next time!)

the lobby opens up to an atrium where you can see all the upper levels. tres chic!

And speaking of “sleep” in the post title, I am officially nocturnal….. I tend to sleep from 7AM – 11AM, then 4PM-7PM. So I still get 7 hours of sleep a day, but not all at once. Yeah, it's prettttty messed up… @_@

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