Movie on the horizon — Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex is a movie in filming right now for release next summer (2010). It stars Josh Brolin (left) as Jonah Hex, a Confederate Civil War soldier-turned bounty hunter with half of his face deformed. It also stars Megan Fox as a gun toting ex-prostitute that he has rescued. John Malkovich will be playing the villain Quentin Turnbull. The movie is based on the DC Comics story originally written by John Albano and then expanded significantly by Michael Fleisher . In all the Jonah Hex stories totaled more than 100 issues and were extremely popular in Great Britain, Italy, and Spain (less so in the US). More info about the movie is available here and here and more info on the original stories is here.

Even with these big stars this seems like a stretch to me — a western based on a comic book. What do you think? Will star power alone be enough to make this work? Will the graphic novels crowd create enough buzz to get this off the ground? Is Megan Fox in a corset enough to get people into the theaters? (probably yes to that last one!)

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