My Best Investment This Christmas is Coming From An Old Friend Named Martha

It's not often that I call my old friend Martha and ask her for some help. The girl can be a little too prissy for my taste but during the holidays we're like BFFs. Christmas is right around the corner and rather than rush to the malls this weekend and try to buy things that no one will ever use, I'm going to hit the market with my copy of Martha Stewart's holiday special magazine and make some gifts! The issue is $6.95, a small investment for loads of great inspirational ideas on everything from cookie and fudge recipes to how to package things just right so they actually look like real gifts. Skip the bird ornaments and the glittered silk flowers to the “gifts from the kitchen” section and you'll find a plethora of gift ideas. I'm excited to actually try this out myself and then show you guys on theMET! And as I was searching through Martha's website I found this modern gift wrapping paper that you can download and print:

So with a little help of Martha and our homeboy Michael, gift giving is going to be bit more personal this year!

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