My Directorial Debut on Avatar

Now that the hype is done and over with, I'm allowed to spill the beans! I've been working on Avatar for the past three and a half years and during that time I was lucky enough to shoot a little mockumentary based on the making of the film. The video above is just the trailer, but be sure to check out the entire 35 minutes when you crack open your Avatar Blu Ray for the Holidays!Here's a rough bio of the piece: In early 2007 on the set of Avatar in New Zealand, Jason Chen and Kevin Dorman created a mockumentary, called “theVOLUME,” based around motion capture technology and Avatar. In “theVOLUME” we follow around a character named Devin Korman. Devin is a socially awkward and cocky person by nature but when he is thrown onto the set of Avatar he suddenly finds that he is constantly in the wrong spot at all the wrong time. “theVOLUME” follows Devin through a series of events that land him face to face with actors from Avatar such as Zoe Saldana, Joel David Moore, Stephen Lang, Matt Gerald, and James Horner's Orchestra.Be sure to check out mywebsite too.

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