Artist Paints Faces on Cans Found Littered on the Street

When street artist My Dog Sighs finds litter scattered on the sidewalk, he takes advantage of the situation and turns it into artwork. The artist paints faces on all kinds of crushed cans, giving personality and character to each selected canvas. He says he is “drawn to novelty like a magnet, and loves reaching out to touch every person or thing that is fascinated with its newness.”

To create each piece in the Canman series, My Dog Sighs first covers the bottom of the can with a stony gray paint that serves as the skin color. He then creates all kinds of happy, sad, and grumpy facial expressions that give new life to the former trash. When he completes the piece, he leaves it prominently placed on a sidewalk for someone to discover and to take home. The project is a rare form of installation art as well as an inventive form of recycling!

My Dog Sighs is also known for creating street art on a grander scale, as you can see in his optical illusion sidewalk art, here.

My Dog Sighs on Facebook
My Dog Sighs on Flickr
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January 23, 2017

Cinephile’s Ongoing Project Reveals Color Palettes Found in Famous Films

Fantastic cinematography can make a film unforgettable. When done well, it’s like every still frame is a work of art. Color plays a vital role in this, and a cinematographer’s choices set the mood of a scene. Graphic designer Ruby Radulescu demonstrates the importance of a movie’s color spectrum in a fascinating series called Movies in Color. The premise is simple: she creates detailed color palettes based on a frame of a famous film.

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January 22, 2017

Felted Bird Sculptures Celebrate the Colorful Details of Peacock Feathers

Captivated by color and fascinated with feathers, Australian artist Jill Ffrench handcrafts enchanting felted birds. In her splendid series of peacock pieces, Ffrench pays particular attention to the creatures’ tail feathers, which she adorns with beautifully balanced patterns and eye-catching designs. Composed only of wire, wax, and a range of colorful felt, the sculptures convey both the beauty of birds and the capabilities of the craft itself.

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