My Modern Artist of the Moment: James Jarvis, Illustrator and Toy Creator

James Jarvis is a 38 year old toy creator and illustrator that hails from London. He was thrust into the limelight in 1998 when he created Martin, the first potato-headed ambassador that jumped off the pages of his cartoon universe. Though dubbed one of the founders of the small toy movement he instead he likes to call himself a cartoonist. He says, "I like drawing little worlds, and the toys are just one manifestation of that." From reading more about him, I like how he wants his art to be accessible. "I'm not interested in it being James Jarvis's Martin or whatever," he says. The ideal situation is one where the characters speak for themselves. "Like Tintin or Asterix," the childhood role models from which Martin and Co inherit their independence, "they have their own identity outside of their creators." You can check out his toys on his website. Here are a few of my favorites.

More than anything, though…I like his illustrations 'cause for good or for bad, they show us how pervasive technology is now in our lives.

James Jarvis website Amos Toys website

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