My Modern Shop Spotlight: Samuel Bradley

For this week's My Modern Shop spotlight, we take a look at the beautifully offbeat photos of Samuel Bradley. We introduced you to the London-based photographer over two years ago when we first noticed his interesting and quirky style. You must have appreciated his work because that post has now been shared close to 200,000 times.

As he told us then about the image of the suited man holding the wolf, “I took the photograph as part of a project in the first year of my Photography degree. I was working with taxidermy trying to portray the gap between humans and animals. I was also looking at death, and the negative relationship between man and nature. This photo didn't actually get submitted as a final image, because it felt too commercial, too fashionable.

“In all honesty I wasn't happy with the project as a whole, but I got three of my strongest and most popular photographs out of it. The girl in the lake holding an owl (immediately below), the suited man smoking a cigarette turned away from a stuffed fox (last), and of course the photograph you featured (above). I wish I could have created a more coherent series, but sometimes singular striking photographs are all you can hope for, and often end up defining you as an artist for a while.”

You can purchase any one of these right now at our online art store, My Modern Shop.

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