Playful Pet Portraits Produced with Cardboard Cutouts

These hilarious photographs feature an adorable little hamster peeking his head through all kinds of imaginative cardboard cutouts. The artist behind Myths & Fabrications, Jenny, is an illustrator and crafter who says she likes to create “all manner of mixed media and needle-felted three dimensional oddities.” Recently, her daughter decided she wanted to dress up their pet hamster, David Bowie, in dolly clothes.

Knowing that actually getting clothes on a squirmy little rodent would be near impossible, the crafty mom concocted these clever little cardboard creations and let David Bowie explore them as he pleased. As the adorable pink nose and tiny little eyes peek through the cutouts, the hamster is quickly transformed into a flying cat, a colorful clown, a mermaid, and even a princess.

To anyone worried about the pet’s safety, Myths & Fabrications stresses the fact that the hamster was very carefully cared for throughout the creative process. The paints are all non-toxic, and David Bowie was allowed to play and to explore, peeking his head through the holes of his own accord, and quickly taken out of the box when he got bored.

Myths & Fabrications website
via [DesignTaxi]

December 2, 2016

3-Year-Old Boy Forms Adorable Friendship With Foster Family’s Dog

If you ever need proof that dog is man’s best friend, look no further than Instagram. The social media site has no shortage of picture-perfect pups, as many doting dog owners share snapshots of life with their four-legged friends. While some go on adventures together and others dress alike, Reagan the labradoodle and “Little Buddy”—his family’s foster child—do both. Reagan was adopted by Oregon resident Sandi Swiridoff when he was just 11 months old.

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December 1, 2016

Quirky Matchbox Greeting Cards Open to Reveal Cute Illustrated Messages

The handmade products crafted by Shop3xu combine meaningful messages with delightful pictures. What makes the Vietnam-based Etsy shop’s well-wishes especially unique is how they’re inscribed—not on typical cardstock or glossy paper, but on upcycled matchboxes. Combining the company’s love of greeting cards, gift boxes, and miniatures, each matchbox card features felicitations accompanied by two tiny, hand-drawn illustrations: one on its cover, and one nestled inside.

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