National Geographic’s Diverse Images of "Love"

National Geographic's online photo-sharing platform Your Shot offers photographers, professional or otherwise, an opportunity to submit their photos for a chance to share their work with a wide audience. Essentially, the world renowned publication schedules multiple assignments and turns the spotlight on its members, inviting them to participate.

Starting today, a brand new assignment has been launched titled Love Snap that calls on photographers to capture what “love” looks like, whether it's the natural appearance of a heart-shaped landscape, the joyous locking of eyes between a mother and child, a candid shot of a couple on their wedding day, or the embrace of vacationing lovers.

Each image submission in this particular assignment is carefully curated by a three-person team of editors–National Geographic photographers Lynn Johnson and Maggie Steber, and Senior Photo Editor for National Geographic Magazine, Elizabeth Krist. Love Snap is currently accepting photos through March 7, 2014.

Top photo: Photograph and caption by Danielle Mussman, National Geographic Your Shot
On the banks of the Ohio River, the Kentucky side, I watched as the shifting ice, momentarily formed a heart ringed in blue.

Photograph and caption by Andrey Antov, National Geographic Your Shot
Two butterflies mating.

Photograph and caption by Boryana Katsarova, National Geographic Your Shot
I was walking in the famous neighborhood of Fatih, Istanbul, Turkey when I saw an “Angel” in the middle of the street. The man was waiting for somebody who never shows up.

Photograph and caption by Brenda Sutton, National Geographic Your Shot
A group of children watch as a walrus performs and then waves to them.

Photograph and caption by Hadi Asgari, National Geographic Your Shot
A picture of my grandma and my young cousin

Photograph and caption by Drey M., National Geographic Your Shot
What's more precious than capturing the love of mother and children in one shot? Priceless moment.

Photograph and caption by Michael Jorgensen, National Geographic Your Shot

Photograph and caption by Raffaele Montepaone, National Geographic Your Shot

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