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Smartphone Controlled LED Light Bulbs with 16 Million Color Options

Who knew light bulbs would one day (again) be the talk of the town? Philips Hue has hit virtually every tech blog because its new LED-based lighting solution is a game-changer. Since they're Wi-Fi enabled LED bulbs, you can wirelessly control the color and intensity of them from your iPhone, iPad or Android.

Each bulb contains 11 LEDs in three different colors which, when combined, can create up to 16 million colors. The bulbs are around the same size as traditional bulbs so they fit in any standard socket.

Here's some fun things you can do. To wake up, use the timer option and set your lights to gradually brighten over time. Or pick your favorite photo on your smartphone and use it as a color palette to “paint” a room in your house.

The app also comes with these clever “LightRecipes,” which are four pre-programmed lighting settings based on the company's research regarding the biological effects that lighting has on the body. The bulbs will adjust to the optimum shade and brightness of white light to help users relax, read, concentrate or energize.

Starting today, the Hue starter pack, which includes three 50Watt hue bulbs and the hue bridge, is available exclusively at US Apple Stores and Apple.com for $199.95 with each additional bulb selling for $59.95 each.

Want to read some first-hand reviews? Here's one from Wired and one from Consumer Reports.

Apparently, this is only the beginning for Philips. They're continuing to develop new product features which includes coordinating light with sound and video. That means, if you're watching an explosion on your television, your lights could briefly flash orange! If you're interested in learning more, check out the video on Hue's website. Can't wait to try this out.

Philips Hue website

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