New Street Art in Spain (2 murals)

Spain doesn’t have a shortage of awesome street artists. In fact, they have two of the best. Here are a couple of amazing wall murals that were recently completed by Liqen and Skount. Liqen

As part of the Desordes Festival, Liqen planned on painting a black hole, but in the end it came out red. With so many faces and different shades of red, the amount of detail in this piece is incredible.


Skount completed this piece, titled “Goodbye,” in Almagro, Spain. According to the artist, the character in the piece wants to leave and take all of his things with him, but he’s forgot the most important thing, his companion. This reminds me of the masquerade version of the movie “Up!”.

Liqen Skount via unurth Liqen images by DOA

January 18, 2017

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