Using Only Circles, Famous Films are Cleverly Turned into Minimalist Posters

Designer Nick Barclay is back with a new series that’s all about famous films. While his last set was more serious, showing symptoms of depression with geometric designs, this batch is a bit lighter and he does away with all shapes except for the circle. In true minimalist form, he condenses down each film into either one circle or many, in various sizes and colors. Film buff or not, we can all appreciate these fourteen designs for the way they conjure up pleasant memories of some of our favorite films.

“I came up the idea while sitting through Interstellar and hating it,” Nick told us when we asked him how this series came about. “It got me thinking about how in 2001: Space Odyssey a circle could be a main character in a film. So I wanted to see how many popular movies I could break down into circles and still be recognizable.

As for his favorite piece? “My favorite would have to be the The Deer Hunter because I love the composition, and, how with just a few circles, it shows a really powerful part of the movie. I like to think that people will look at them and see the humor but still get the movie or have that ‘ahhhh’ moment when they work out what each poster represents.”

Update: You can buy these prints and more right now on our online art store My Modern Shop.

Nick Barclay’s website

January 23, 2017

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