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I have a lot of friends. Yes, I have those who I only keep in touch with through Facebook, those high school friends who you haven't talked to in over a decade but yet you seem to know that they have three kids and have aged terribly. I also have those ex-coworker friends who you seem to only see once in a blue moon at a random bar in Hermosa. Then, I have those super close friends who I can confide in and tell everything to. Those friends are my no BS friends. The ones who will give it to me straight. I'm being a complete biatch?! Ok, I can take it. I'm making no sense? You're absolutely right. If these friends morphed into some paper product, they would turn into these two journals from Knock Knock. One is called In My Humble Opinion Guided Journal and the other is called My Dysfunctions Guided Journal. In My Humble Opinion Guided Journal

My Dysfunctions Guided Journal

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