Noma Bar’s Clever Illustrations are Now on Notebooks

Books and Literature: Full of Character

Inspired by culture and creativity, The Guardian newspaper has teamed up with one of our very favorite graphic artists, Noma Bar, in creating his first ever product range. It’s an exclusive stationery collection that features his trademark “make you do a double-take” images on notebooks and diaries. Our favorite? The above, a written quill containing the hidden shape of a face titled Full of Character.

As Bar states, “As a regular contributor to The Guardian, starting the new product range seemed like a natural continuation of my work. I was looking for a dialogue between text and visual, something that I usually do for the newspaper but in this wasn’t with 2,000 words next to me but only one phrase. The result is a set of art works that have a first and second reading that completes the written sentence.”

You can view and purchase the products at

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Noma Bar – The Guardian Collection

The Guardian website

December 2, 2016

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December 2, 2016

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