Noma Bar’s Art-Making Machine and New Prints

Oh, to be in London this month! The London Design Festival will be kicking off on September 17 and will feature some exciting new works from one of our favorite graphic artists, Israel-born Noma Bar. His masterful use of negative space never ceases to amaze us. Bar’s playful, minimalist portraits along with a surprise machine will be on display in a one-man show put on by Outline Editions gallery and shop.

Bar will be creating an amazing, interactive art-making machine for the event. Cut It Out is a specially commissioned, Heath Robinson-esque embossing sculpture in the shape of a giant dog, that will allow visitors to feed paper, rubber and other materials into its mouth to produce their own cut-out Noma Bar images. These will be signed and numbered by the artist as part of a limited edition series.

Fresh from a sell-out show in Paris, Bar will also be exhibiting three of his latest works as well as some of his classic pieces, which you can preview right here.

Pointed Sense

Devil May Care

Power to the People

Body Artist

Night Train to London



4 AM

In addition to the show, Bar will be holding free live drawing and create-your-own-cut-out-art workshops at the gallery during the festival. Fun!

Cut It Out will run from September 17 to September 30 at Outline Editions in London.

For more information, check out Outline Editions website.

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