Obama’s Obsessions Plus Other Cool Illustrations By Nick Fosta (3 Total)

Love these cool illustrations by Nick Fosta, UK. I’m particularly getting a kick out of that YouTube camera in Obama’s pile. Below is the larger version of the picture so you can check out all the little details. We’ve also included a few others for your amusement.

Larger version of Obama’s Obsesssions

Though I’m not a huge fan of Kanye, I’m digging his stuff!

And for those of you who like the blog, Boing Boing, you’ll probably enjoy this one. Someday we’ll ask them to create one for My Modern Metropolis. What would we have in our pile? Any suggestions? Found via BoingBoing

January 18, 2017

25 Animals Who Have Mastered the Art of Taking the Perfect Selfie

The term selfie hasn’t been around for that long, but it’s already deeply ingrained into our society. A selfie is one way to show off your impeccable fashion, as well as proof that you did something (or met someone) cool. It’s even turned into a viable career option for a few lucky people—Kim Kardashian published an entire book dedicated hers, so this style of self-portraiture is definitely here to stay.

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