Oh Wall-E! (30 Pics)

Let’s Rock.

Our favorite robot has made its way into our modern life! He’s as curious as can be; finding friends, understanding how we celebrate our seasons and even participating in mundane tasks like grocery shopping and cooking! Hope you enjoy this Flickr set compilation. Wall-E rocks our world! ADJUSTING TO MODERN LIFE!

Catching Rays


Taking a Bath

Shopping Buddy

Making Soup

Fixing a Flat




“Making” Friends

Oh Lordie!

Staring Contest LOOKING FOR HOME

Looking for a home

still looking…


Finally found one! GETTING INTO TROUBLE

A Predicament

Trouble Seeker

Surrounded! CO-WORKER

It’s Monday… Back To Work.

Stop Working! Go to the Movies! SEASONS!


Snow Day!

It’s Snowing!

Christmas Hat


Would this make a good hat? OUR SWEET WALL-E

Pondering Wise Words

For You Let’s Rock: – Maggie- A Predicament: jenib320 Trouble Seeker: cappndave Surrounded: a Dan of action Catching Rays: – Maggie- Reading: cappndave Taking a Bath: cappndave Shopping Buddy: meddygarnet Making Soup: cappndave Fixing a Flat: cappndave Poker: Giulietta Friend?: – Maggie- Eva?: EdwardLee’s collection “Making Friends”: Giulietta Oh Lordie!: – Maggie- Staring Contest: cappndave Looking for a Home: cappndave Still Looking: cappndave Still: cappndave Finally Found One!: cappndave It’s Monday… Back To Work.: By meddygarnet Stop Working! Go to the Movies!: slowburn? Spring: niknkimnollie Snow Day!: meddygarnet It’s Snowing!: Giulietta Christmas Hat: cappndave Fall: Giulietta Would this make a good hat?: jenib320 Pondering Wise Words: cappndave For You: jenib320

January 15, 2017

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