Exquisite Architecture Rings Continue to Celebrate Beloved Cityscapes Around the World

Earlier this year, Ola Shekhtman inspired our sense of wanderlust with her gorgeous rings featuring beloved cityscapes from around the world. The intricate gold, platinum, and sterling silver accessories—produced with 3D printing technology—took us to places like New York City, London, Hong Kong, and Berlin, as each exquisite ring depicted defining characteristics of the chosen place.

Shekhtman has continued to create her quirky statement rings and added more iconic skylines. The famous Hollywood sign is featured in her Los Angeles band, the Colosseum is prominently displayed for Rome, and La Sagrada Família is an unmistakable fixture for Barcelona. Each piece includes several areas of interest within the circular composition and allows you to wear the city in slightly different ways. One day, you could have Chicago’s Bean facing outward on your finger while another day it could be the Sears Tower—it all depends on where you want to “go.”

Shekhtman sells the entire skylines collection in her popular Etsy shop.

Above: Rome




Barcelona (alternate view)



Dubai (alternate view)


New Orleans

Los Angeles

Los Angeles (alternate view)


Ola Shekhtman: Etsy | Facebook | YouTube

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