Old News Is Still Relevant News

I'm sure you've all heard about cargotecture by now – I'm bananas over it, loving the endless possibilities provided by it. Seriously, it's like one of the few things that gets me excited anymore. Hehe, “Hi. I'm E and I have a shipping container fetish.”

As much time as I spend delving into this concept, I'm bound to overlook a gem or two eventually. Which leads me to Container City. Located at Trinity Buoy Wharf near London is this modular, multi-unit development which provides affordable accommodations. Constructed from recycled shipping containers, innovative developers Urban Space Management cleverly broke free of the "one container, one unit" approach to create 37 funky-fresh live/work spaces from 50 recycled shippers.

Stacked five stories high, architects Nicolas Lacey and Burp Happold, opted for a more flexible approach to design, allowing for a variety of interiors with varying degrees of inter-connectivity. Fitted with sliding windows, portholes, over-hanging balconies and a splash of paint, you'd hardly know your home once carried cargo across the seas.

I'm anxious to see more of these sprout up everywhere, and equally so learning the myriad of their applications/utilities waiting to be discovered.

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