One way of recycling your old discs: CDSea by Bruce Munro (5pics + video)

Pretty aren't they? Well, what you're looking at aren't a kind of surreal rainbow coloured clams, or rainbow coloured lake, but actually a large scale sea made up of 600,000 unwanted discs to create that glittering reflected rainbow effect. Well, that's one way of recycling cds.

Bruce Munro, with the help of UK press and BBC Wiltshire radio, urged readers and listeners to send in their discs to his workshop, and the response was massive, and he(with the help of 140 friends of Murno and colleagues, including Kevin McCloud and other celebrities from the design-art world) was able to execute this project that he had actually visualised since 30 years ago!

Bruce Munro: "The light was still strong, like a blanket of shimmering silver light. I had this childish notion that by putting my hand in the sea I was somehow connected to my home in Salcombe, where my father lived. I came away from the beach in a very positive frame of mind"

All images by (c) Mark Pickthall

The result? A beautiful crafted inland sea to reflect light from the sun and moon. If you're in the UK(Long Knoll field near Kilmington), do check this place out, because it will only be displayed for 2 months before disbanding the cds and sent to a recycling plant!

Bruce Munro installs CDSea at Long Knoll, Wiltshire from yatzer on Vimeo.

"You never know how something will work out, but now I could not be happier. I'm so grateful to everyone who turned out to help. We had a magical weekend and CDSea looks amazing, like a giant painting on the grass."

Bruce Munro

I think he nailed it with “giant painting on the grass”. And thank you Samuel for the tip!

[via Gizmodo, Yatzer] For more pictures, click here.

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