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Russian Firm Plans to Build First Space Hotel

Russian firm Orbital Technologies plans to open the very first space hotel in history by 2016. The space hotel, or “Commercial Space Station,” as it's officially called, will float 250 miles above Earth. The hotel can accommodate a maximum of seven people at one time.

To prepare, tourists will have to undergo special training that can take up to three months, depending on the type of spacecraft they fly to the hotel. The firm says that stays can range from three days to six months. This can seem like a long time considering there will be no showers. Passengers will have to clean themselves with wet wipes.

After choosing the menu, food will be prepared on the ground and shipped to space, dehydrated. Unfortunately, alcohol will be banned on board. For entertainment, CEO of Orbital Technologies CEO Sergey Kostenko says, ” “Most likely, there will be access to the Internet and other communications on the ground.”

Orbital Technologies Corporation website
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