Pantone Rainbow by Bates 141

Pantone Rainbow by Bates 141Title: Pantone Rainbow
Art direction by: Bates 141

What I Like About It: This Pantone rainbow was a promotion designed by Bates 141 for a Basheer Graphic Books campaign on a college campus. The goal was to convince college students and faculty that “Pantone has the most color selection for their printing guidance”. So they created a 8 x 4.5 meter rainbow made of more than 5,000 Pantone color chips and placed it in the middle of the campus. This is a truly clever advertising campaign that was both well thought out and well executed. Campaigns like this attract attention and help spread the word about companies or products much quicker than conventional methods.

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January 18, 2017

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January 17, 2017

Romantic Man Builds a Vintage-Inspired Mechanical Toy for His Girlfriend

Long distance relationships are tough, but there’s one upside—you can make a really elaborate gift for your significant other without the risk that they’ll find out. Redditor gsxr93 used this to his advantage when crafting the perfect birthday present for his girlfriend. “Every summer we spend tons of time hiking and enjoying the outdoors together,” he wrote in an Imgur post. Using this as visual inspiration, he created an automata, or mechanical toy.

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