Paradise Found! Pounamu Apartments in New Zealand

My husband Sam and Sonny, our friend

If there is one place that you must visit before you die, let it be the Pounamu Apartments in Queenstown, New Zealand. Better than any Las Vegas luxury hotel, Pounamu gives you everything you could ever ask for in a place. Modern luxuries like high-speed internet, flat screen tvs, and a remote control fire come standard. The modern white cabinets hide a refrigerator, freezer and microwave. To keep you snug and warm, your bed has an electric blanket and the hardwood floors are heated.

Yes, all the amenities are great but really..what makes this place fantastic?

Two things – the service and the view.

The staff is warm and inviting – while in Queenstown you’ll want to take advantage of all the outdoor activities and there’s no better way to figure out your schedule than with the help and expertise of the managers. Want to take a helicopter ride? They’ll find you the best price. Looking to catch some salmon? They’ll make sure you’re on the right boat.

And the view. Oh the view. There’s nothing quite like waking up, brewing a fresh pot of coffee and then sitting back with your friends and family and enjoying the amazing view. These photos were taken right outside our balcony.

There’s a reason why Pounamu is rated #1 out of 65 places in Queenstown on Tripadvisor. Trust me, this place kicks ass.

Pounamu Apartments
110 Frankton Rd.
Queenstown, New Zealand

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