Mysteriously Discovering a Curious Surreal World

Sometimes a photograph inhabits the mastery of more than one medium of art. Such is the case with the classic black and white image captures of photographer Patrick Gonzales. The multifaceted artist’s work incorporates an aesthetic similar to that of a fine art painting.

Gonzales’ passion for the arts blossomed at the ripe age of fifteen, when he adopted the art of painting. It is evident that he draws from his early painting techniques to create his captivatingly dreamy worlds. With the addition of photo editing technology, which Gonzales was first introduced to in 1998, he is able to transform his photographic paintings into the spellbinding visuals of his imagination.

Many of the artist’s images depict lone figures standing at a distance amidst vast, surreal environments. The themes behind much of his work revolve around “childhood, art, and fantasy.” These recurring motifs are heightened through the ever-present “field of dreams” that stretch the landscape to a level of infinite exploration.

Selected prints of Gonzales’ work can be purchased through his portfolio on Saatchi.

Patrick Gonzales website
via [Sinatra Blue]

January 19, 2017

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January 18, 2017

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