Capturing a Unique Portrayal of Famous Celebrities

Mike Tyson

This unique series of celebrity portraits was created by famous portrait photographer Paul Mobley, in collaboration with digital artist Mike Campau. The captivating images feature famous individuals and groups like Mike Tyson, Emeril, Gilbert Gottfried, and the Blue Man Group in behind-the-scenes, offbeat scenarios.

The project, entitled Celebrities, is a book project in which Mobley captured the subjects in more private moments, like backstage, in their homes, and at hotels while they were on the road. We are so used to seeing these celebs all glamorous and glittery in the spotlight, but Mobley and Campau worked to provide a new and different perspective of the already well-known faces.

Paul Mobley’s bio states, “[His] intimate portraits are an exquisite conveyance of the human spirit. His relentless passion for the work is evident in every wrinkle, every gaze, every smile and squint that grace the faces he’s photographed. Mobley has traveled the world over to capture and celebrate humanity in its infinite forms.”

Mike Tyson

Blue Man Group

Carrot Top

Penn & Teller

Gilbert Gottfried

Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy & Bill Engvall

Jeff Dunham


Frank Caliendo

Paul Mobley’s website
Mike Campau on Behance

November 29, 2016

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