Awesome Aerial Data Maps Reveal America

Visualization of internet distribution

There are over 300 million people in America with each person following his or her own day-to-day routines. Do you ever wonder how this powerful nation maintains its daily rhythm of life? How does America function so well that, in general, its population is consistently sustaining its way of life? PBS’s new traveling informational series titled America Revealed combines the use of photography and technology to present aerial shots of America with graphic visualizations to represent original data collected about the different interconnected systems that keep the country running everyday and throughout history.

The show, which follows in the footsteps of BBC’s Britain From Above, takes a wider look at the nationwide paths of complex societal systems across a number of industries that support daily maintenance and growth. It boasts that “Viewers will discover a fascinating new perspective on the hidden patterns and rhythms of American life, by looking through the eyes of individuals who all play a part in keeping America fed, moving, powered and making goods.” This explorational television series does more than simply force-feed a boring slew of data. The accompanying graphics allow viewers to visualize and better understand the comprehensive data with the help of technology expert, communications attorney, and former Survior winner Yul Kwon.

Full episodes of the series can currently be viewed online for U.S. residents only.

The pinpointed distribution of the unemployed

Domino’s Pizza’s raw ingredients’ delivery routes in the Northeast

U.S. electricity network routes

The New York pizza delivery path of one Domino’s employee on a Friday night

New York’s public transportation paths

Patterns of planes’ flight paths

Traced paths of deceased bodies being transported to their hometowns

U.S. imports and exports of beef

All the people in America’s towns and cities

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