Ingenious Pencil Design Includes a Built-In Sharpener

Ordinary graphite gets a sharper outfit with designer Andrew Pyza‘s pencil+, a pencil holder and extender that includes an eraser at one end and a sharpener at the other. The tool fits any average pencil from full-size down to 14mm long, and any time the tip breaks, all you have to do is unscrew the nub and spin it through the sharpener before getting back to writing or doodling.

The pencil+ caters to the varied tastes of the creatively-inclined with a range of colors and materials. The holder comes in five shades of wood that include teak, ebony, redwood, wild olive, and padauk, while the sharpener comes in aluminum, bronze, gold, and silver. It offers all the choice and convenience of a mechanical pencil, but the old-school comfort of a classic no. 2—the best of both worlds, however you choose to use it.

The pencil+ site says Pyza plans to launch the product on Kickstarter soon. For now, you can sign up for updates and try to make do with your usual scribbling tools, which probably seem a lot less cool now.

pencil+: Website
via [Yanko Design]

All images via pencil+.

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