Beautiful Floral Patterns Submerged in Typographic Ice Cubes


These playful ice cube letters are a complex typography project developed by graphic designer and illustrator Petra Blahova. My Garden features colorful floral designs set within the letter-shaped ice cubes. From A-Z, the artist designed 26 san-serif capital letters that must have been tricky to keep frozen long enough to photograph!

The UK-based artist believes that, as long as you have an idea, typography can be created from anything. As she walked home from work one day, she was inspired by the flowers all around and, thus, this project was born. Blahova used everything from greens and ferns to flower petals and berries to create the tactile project. Each perfectly formed letter is a lovely blend of the cracks and flaws of the frozen water covered with natural textures that are both submerged and that extend out beyond the surface of the ice.

petra-blahova-my-garden-2 petra-blahova-my-garden-3 petra-blahova-my-garden-4 petra-blahova-my-garden-5 petra-blahova-my-garden-6


petra-blahova-my-garden-7 petra-blahova-my-garden-8 petra-blahova-my-garden-9

Petra Blahova: Website
via [Junkculture]

January 23, 2017

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