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Photography by G.M.B. Akash

G.M.B. Akash is a young Bangladeshi photojournalist. He is a true artist with the camera. But more than that he is a humanitarian. He photographs those on the edges of society focusing mainly on Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. He has won many, many awards and one of his photographs was even featured here in a post by Alice.

One of the things he has focused on has been child labor. His poignant photographs capture for us the heartbreak it causes and makes them impossible to forget. He says “For the last four years, I have been working on child labor. … Children in poor countries spend long days working under very unfavorable conditions. Child Labor is an issue closely connected with poverty, education, socio-economic exploitation and discrimination. These factors keep children out of school and force them to work under harsh and dangerous, unhealthy and fatal circumstances. Child workers are subject to abuse, both physically and mentally, by their employers. These youngsters even risk their lives for low pay.”

His website with many many more of his incredible photographs is here.

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