Pic of the Day: Exhaustion

Photojournalist wedding photographers Twin Lens took this great picture of an exhausted father at a wedding.

Spencer Lum of Ground Glass said: “As a parent, I think I can fairly say that this is an image that hits the nail on the head. This is parenthood. And it's weddings, too. Stealing away to tend to your family, the break in the lobby or the room to the side. Weddings are living, breathing things. For every bride and groom taking center stage, there's a guest, a relative, or family member doing their own thing, as well, and it's all part of it.

“Three things really made the picture for me. The first is simply the body language. The girl flopped over, the hand on the man's head. Nicely captured. The other two things are a little more subtle. The first is the inclusion of the other child's leg to the right. I love it when images extend past their actual content – when framing isn't so neatly wrapped up that it tells there's us there's more in the world. It's about implication, and knowing there's a second child there adds weight to the man's gesture. The other thing is the dress he's holding. It adds just a touch of humor, while referencing one of the key aspects of parenthood. You're always changing your kids' clothing. All told, the picture tells a story very effectively and takes us right there.”

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