Pic of the Day: I’m No Daft Punk

Today's pic of the day is by talented iPhone photographer Aik Beng Chiang, who we previously wrote about here. The original picture is of an old man waiting for a taxi. Aik Beng didn't get the man to actually wear the helmet, he found a picture of the helmet on the internet and then used iPhone apps to manipulate it.

“The idea was to buy the replica helmet, get strangers to wear them, and then shoot them on my iPhone. So I chose this image of an old man waiting for a taxi and his bag on the grass. I wanted to capture how Daft Punk would look when they're experiencing some time off from their performances (in other words, without their usual image yet maintaining their identity). That's why I named it, I'm No Daft Punk.

“We all know that it's very expensive to buy the replica helmet but wouldn't it be great to own one? I sourced the image of the helmet via Google and then used apps like Juxtaposer, Filterstorm and Cross Process. No Photoshop was used, everything was edited on my iPhone.”

What a creative way to pay tribute to your favorite band!

Aik Beng Chia

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