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Pic of the Day: Liquid Rose

Inspired by a photo he found on Flickr, Anthony Chang decided he would make a liquid rose for a school assignment. First, he bought a glass rose and then poured water with food coloring on it as it was hanging upside down.

Then, he started snapping away. “The photo is a composite of 17 different photos,” he tells us. “I took six of the best splashes of red from each photo and put it together and I did the same thing with the eleven best splashes of green. Then I took the two and put them together, I used a lot of layer masking to paint in the part I wanted from each photo.”

After rotating the photo so that the water looked like it was flying upwards, he saturated the colors a bit more in Photoshop to finally achieved his desired result. You can see his setup (with notes) here.


via [Flickr]

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