Pic of the Day: Sci-Fi Self-Portrait

17-year-old Alex Stoddard never ceases to amaze me. His latest self-portrait is truly out-of-this world. (See a collection of his other ones here.)

When asked what the story is behind this shot, here is what Alex said, “I got home from work late and was incredibly exhausted. It probably would have been easier just to go to bed, but I didn't want to skip another day of my 365, so I searched desperately for an idea. As it was already completely dark, I resorted to using this enormous hanging light that I found in the attic. I lugged it outside and down beneath my house to a small doorway that leads to the beams and structures under the house and set it up, facing the camera. I then set up my fog machine and used extension cords to power both the light and the machine, and shot the photo.

“I wanted to portray a doorway leading from heaven to earth and have myself as an angel arriving to the mortal world. However, there is a fence, a barrier, preventing my return.”

Alex Stoddard on Flickr

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