Innovative Log Cabin on Wheels in the Netherlands

Artists often have intimate log cabin retreats in the woods to clear their minds and focus their attention on their craft. The environment plays a vital role in one's ability to create, which is precisely why Dutch musical entertainer Hans Liberg sought his own inspiring hideout in nature. What he got is much more–a log cabin on wheels. Situated in Hilversum, Netherlands, this mobile studio designed by Piet Hein Eek offers the rustic and woodsy facade of a log cabin that encases a modern yet homey interior for Liberg to practice and produce new material.

The illusionary office includes dual design motifs, featuring coarse textures on the outside and a smooth, minimalist aesthetic on the inside. Seemingly constructed out of logs of wood, the structure is primarily built from frames of plastic and steel. There is even a row of window panels that circle the office, giving the indoor resident access to view all around their surroundings, while simultaneously revealing the “cabin's” true nature. Otherwise, occupants still have the option to truly isolate themselves in the box by closing all of the windows, but then you could just stay home. The cabin appears to be at its most innovative and inspiring with a few windows open.

Piet Hein Eek website
via [this isn't happiness, thomas mayer archive]

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