Plastic Toys with Funny Captions (10 pics)

Horses Gonna Horse

Last time we caught up with Aled Lewis he was making us laugh with his mischievous 8-bit characters and now he’s practically making us roll on the floor with these funny plastic toys! It’s all part of Make Something 365, a self-initiated project where he attempts to create something every day of the year. (See a selection of his ongoing 2011 work here.)

While visiting toy stores, he became fascinated by all the detail in rigid plastic toys so he decided to start this series.

“Most of them are very banal and uninteresting – but it’s that banality juxtaposed with an unusual or subversive context that makes them fun,” he tells us. “I guess it started when I was imagining the more mundane farm animal meeting fantastical creatures and I figured because they are so detailed they would photograph really nicely.

“In the first one, I had a unicorn parading in front of a group of ‘regular’ horses. (See immediately below.) The rest of the photo set really stemmed from that when I began to see new possibilities and new narratives with other figures. In many respects, this series has allowed me to combine my experience with t-shirt design and my love of comic books. It’s been a really fun way to express my sense of humour and I’m enjoying the ‘theatre’ element of arranging them in the photograph frame – experimenting with the most effective way to convey each idea.

“The aim was to create a series of images that people would really enjoy looking through and hopefully find funny! I’ve been thrilled with the response and I plan to make prints available within the next few days through my website.”

Nobody Likes a Show Off

Lone(ly) Wolf

Allow Me To Explain

Benefits Of Being Inanimate

Teenage Angst

The Upper Hand


Murder Mystery

Born This Way

Make sure to stop by Aled’s website and Tumblr to keep up with his new work. Also, you can follow Aled on Twitter @fatheed.

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