Psychedelic Room that Swallows Human Beings


Japanese artist Yosuke Goda creates living, breathing rooms that swallow human beings. Armed with black markers, Goda has no mercy for the surrounding white walls, floor, and ceiling. A pychedelic organism is born, with a body that looks similar to the roots and vines of an old, tall tree. The monster appears to constantly grow, as if it has no self-control and needs to furiously feed itself..

yosuke-goda-psychadelic-room-2 yosuke-goda-psychadelic-room-3 yosuke-goda-psychadelic-room-4 yosuke-goda-psychadelic-room-5 yosuke-goda-psychadelic-room-6 yosuke-goda-psychadelic-room-7 yosuke-goda-psychadelic-room-8 yosuke-goda-psychadelic-room-9 yosuke-goda-psychadelic-room-10 yosuke-goda-psychadelic-room-11 yosuke-goda-psychadelic-room-12
Yosuke Goda's: Website
via [BooooooomIllusion]

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