Airy Artist Studio Feels Larger Than Only 18 Square Meters

What can you do with only 18 square meters of space? If you're architect Raanan Stern, you can fashion an entire studio for an artist, complete with a long desk, storage, and even a place for the occasional cat nap. This compact room, located in Tel Aviv, is outfitted in blonde-colored wood with a wall of windows, making it feel light, airy, and not overly cramped. Floor to ceiling shelving allows you to collect texts and knickknacks that inspire you, and the abundance of wide drawers are perfect for safe storage of artwork. Perhaps the most ingenious part of this room is the pegboard door leading to the Murphy bed. As it slides left to expose the mattress, the door's surface is dotted with pegs that can be used to display things or hang a coat.

When you have a small room, you've got to think upwards and not outwards. Here, everything is stacked high or concealed, as we don't have the luxury of the excess floor space. The finite amount of square meters requires that design's features can perform multiple functions. This project is a great example of problem solving and working with constraints, as Stern has thought beyond eye-level and considered the needs of someone working in a studio.

Raanan Stern website
via [Chaz McIntyre Tumblr]

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