Rare Moments of Solitude in NYC

Last night on Halloween, the dark city streets of New York remained especially spooky, as power outages around the city continue to affect millions. Taking a moment to reflect on the post-Hurricane Sandy scenes, photographer Randy Scott Slavin captured hauntingly lonely moments in which New York is lacking the many characteristics that make it so special–countless bright, shining lights, bustling crowds, and roads filled with taxi cabs.

NYC Unplugged is a series reflecting the power that nature can have on our environment. In this modern day, we have become extremely reliant on technology as well as the electricity that runs our world. It's rare to see such a powerful, urban space without many of those everyday needs to which we have grown accustomed. In this series of long exposures, Slavin takes us on a journey through many uncommon and mystical moments across New York City.

Check out some of Slavin's other work, Alternative Perspectives, in which he transforms the way we view the world around us.

Randy Scott Slavin's website

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