Raw Emotion by Liliwenn (8 Street Art Pieces)

After seeing her full collection of work, I can wholeheartedly say that Liliwenn is currently one of the best street artists in the world. Her use of color is excellent, and you can really feel the heartfelt emotion in her pieces. Regarding the brilliant piece above, Liliwenn says, “Claudiney was a child from So Paulo streets. Unfortunately, he lost his life far too young…” She adds on her Facebook fan page: “I am addict.. my substance is the painting.. my motor is emotions.. my gallery is everywhere….. Sweet insanity….. My mind is here and elsewhere.. elusive.. unpredictable.. aspirated by inspiration & inspired by emotions.”

Brittany, France – “‘Le ptit Minou' place. Not the street this time, a blockhouse near the sea in an empty place.”

Brest, France

Brest, France – “The sad thing in this story… behind bars are living two homeless men with no more than a mattress. It's a REAL ruin.. I didn't know before, i saw them a lot inside when i was painting, and they were watching me sometimes, almost hidden in darkness, they seemed lost. They went outside only when i left, to watch the painting on the wall of their…… house. This area was so strange, people were atypical and very eclectic.”

Brixton, London

Brixton, London – “This is a little girl from favelas in Brazil. Emotion in her look touched me, and the photographer Gregory from Carf organization allowed me to use it for painting.”

Vitry sur Seine, France

Wall in Leake St. Tunnel, London Liliwenn's flickr photostream

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