Recreating Important Letters in Movies

Back to the Future

This morning, we received a nice email from photographer Stefano Pedretti which told us about his creative new series, Deleted Scenes. It’s not only interesting in concept but also, very well-executed, down to the most minute detail.

Now in his words:

“Three movies. Three obsessions. Three pieces of paper, which are fundamental for the stories.
This is how the Deleted Scenes project has begun.

“In Back To The Future, the letter that Marty writes to Doc will save his life.
The drawing of Ben Gazzara in The Big Lebowsky will stay forever in the memory of every fan of this cult movie.
The letter that Lacuna Inc writes to their customers’ friends in Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind represents the craziness of personal daily dramas.

Just one question: Where can they be now?

“Marty's letter can still be in a drawer.
And what about the weird drawing that we've seen for the last time in a sheriff's office? Maybe it stayed there all night long, enlightened by the artificial light behind the shutters.
And… If I received Lacuna's letter, it would for sure get lost in the back seat of my car.
With this project I want to celebrate these movies and give an answer to these questions.

“Obviously, the objects are reproduction of the real ones, hand-crafted just by using a lot of patience and even more passion.”

The Big Lebowsky

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Stefano Pedretti’s website

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