Red Hong Yi’s Playful Exotic Birds Made of Flower Petals

Artist Hong Yi, aka Red, is back with another fun project that, this time, turns flower petals into birds. After her playful 31-day Creativity with Food series was completed, the imaginative artist continued to take on various projects, but it seems she has developed yet another wonderful collection of cleverly crafted images.

The flower-bird series follows in Red’s tradition of making something incredibly creative from unconventional materials. Sharing the images through her Instagram account, the project came to her organically. It began as a mandala using flowers picked from her garden back in Malaysia and evolved through an ode to Banksy and support for Turkey into a bird.

With each new addition, viewers can see the artist honing her skills with the experimental material. She started off creating a peacock that she admitted looked a bit like a turkey and has since refined her skills. With nine birds in her collection thus far, the artist concludes that she plans on making 5 five more. Followers should look forward to a bald eagle coming up next.

Top image: Bird: Rooster; Flowers: Gerberas and leaves

Bird: Parrot; Flowers: Butterfly-peas and gerberas

Bird: Flamingo; Flowers: Pink gerberas and twigs

Bird: Peacock; Flowers: Butterfly-peas, bottlebrush leaves, coconut leaf sticks, allamandas/trumpet flowers

Bird: Dodo; Flowers: White, pink, and orange chrysanthemums

Bird: Kingfisher; Flowers: Gerberas, butterfly-peas, and purple shamrocks

Bird: Peacock/Turkey; Flowers: Gerberas and butterfly-peas

Bird: Cardinal; Flowers: Red gerberas and deep purple chrysanthemums

Bird: Hornbill; Flowers: Chrystanthemums, gerberas, and purple shamrocks

Birds: Flamingos; Flowers: Pink gerberas and twigs

Red Hong Yi website
via [from89]

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