Regina Silveira’s Magnificent Illusions

Renowned Brazilian artist Regina Silveira creates incredible illusions that play with our senses and messes with our minds. She invites the viewer see huge shadows or watch as toy cars make their messy track marks on a gallery’s white walls. In Lodz, Polland, she created an installation called “Depth” where she incorporated the gallery’s architecture, particularly its windows, to show a never-ending abyss one could actually walk on.

Currently, there’s a selection of Silveira’s work on display at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Ridgefield, Connecticut (the only museum in Connecticut devoted to contemporary art). There, she presents In Absentia, a series of absent artworks on empty pedestals. She does this by creating gigantic and distorted vinyl shadows of objects that don’t actually exist.

I love how she plays our perception of space, creating site-specific works that transform blank walls and floors into her desired playground. As she says, “The ability to dialog with increasingly extensive architectural spaces and the opportunities for conceiving and realizing interventions in specific architectures is a trend in my work that began in the 1990s and has continued until today.”

Regina Silveira’s website
via [CollabCubed]
Photos via [Rainer Hosch], [Enzo Molinari], [LA Times], [The Telegraph], [Sicardi Gallery]

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