Release Me (7 photos)

It takes a woman with a sure sense of self to model in a spread like this. Lily Kwong is a 22-year-old sociology and urban studies major at Columbia and an Elite model. (In 2009, Vogue even went so far as to call her an “It Girl.”) In this wonderfully dark spread, she collaborated with photographer and friend Elle Muliarchyk to make something moody and cinematic.

"Maybe it's because I had recently been to the Met," Kwong jokes, "but we were inspired by Old Masters paintings – everything from the light to the gestures – and David Lynch movies. We really wanted to marry the two."

If the dark walls and interesting furnishings look familiar, you may have seen the setting before. The photos were shot in the apartment of Cindy Gallop's black apartment which we wrote about back in June 2009.

via [T Magazine] and [Behance]

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