Reuters’ Best Photos of 2011

As each year winds down, we tend to take a look back at the events that have taken place in our lives, feeling nostalgic and hoping for an even better year to follow. We reminisce about our personal lives. In a similar fashion, though on a grander scale, Reuters takes a look back at the historical events and breaking news their photographers have captured within the last year. They've compiled a “best of” list consisting of one hundred photographs taken in 2011.

Each image has an individual strength that separates it from others. Many of the moments captured evoke an indescribable reaction, be it distressing or heartwarming. Learning the backstory to the visuals enhances the emotional experience. While there are a few lighthearted pictures, the majority of the list consists of eye-opening images from around the world covering devastating disasters and showcasing war, famine, poverty, and destruction.

You can check out all 100 photos at Reuters but, as a forewarning, there are some highly graphic images on the full list.

via [Reuters]

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