"Star Wars" Scenes Reimagined as Centuries-Old Japanese Woodblocks

The Rhythm Project fuses a centuries-old craft with popular culture, combining characters from the Star Wars franchise with the art of Japanese woodblock printing. Featuring three prints, the endeavor reimagines the films' figures and settings in the style of ukioy-e, which is a popular Edo-era genre depicting the likes of kabuki actors, sumo wrestlers, and landscapes. Here, Rhythm Project takes the exquisite details and soft coloring found in these prints and applies them to the 21st century.

The cultural mashup features famous scenes, including Darth Vader brandishing a lightsaber and the epic battle on Hoth. Each piece was hand-carved by a wood sculptor and a separate block created for every color in the print. Afterwards, another craftsman combined all of the blocks onto paper. Rhythm Project produced a total of 600 limited edition prints, 200 of each composition. They're currently available through the Japanese crowdfunding site, Makuake.

Rhythm Force: Website
via [Booooooom and designboom]

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