Top Street Artists Create 20 Massive New Murals in Richmond

Wouldn’t it be great if all cities had a massive mural project like this? Visit Richmond, Virginia within the next five years to witness a huge undertaking. The Richmond Mural Project brings together some of the best street artists from around the world to create over 100 murals within the next five years. In 2012, twenty-three murals were created by artists like Aryz from Spain and ROA from Belgium and, this year, another 20 murals are being added throughout the city. Soon all 20 will be completed, bringing the final number to 43. (Only 57 to go!)

Hands-down the most stunning piece has got to be the one above by Etam Cru of a beautiful blue-haired woman sensually soaking in a jar of strawberry jam. Overlooking a 7-11 parking lot, it’s just one of several examples of how art can truly beautify the streets!

Now, from the 2013 Richmond Mural Project, here are 12 of our favorites.

First photo via: Reddit

Mural by Angry Woebots, Photo by Providence & Sterling

“Sometimes we fly, sometimes we fall” by Stormie Mills

John Smith looking at his flying ship by Gaia

Dracula’s Limelight by Stormie Mills, Photo by: TRS-804

Mural by ROA

Mural by Pixel Pancho

Mural by Unknown, Photo by Providence & Sterling

Mural by Scribe, Photo by Providence & Sterling

Mural by Andrew Hem, Photo by Bill Dickinson

Dracula’s Limelight by Stormie Mills, Photo by TRS-804

Mural by Natalia Rak, Photo by TRS-804

Mural by Etam Cru, Photo by Bill Dickinson

Richmond Mural Project website

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