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We are always more than happy to showcase talented, young photographers here on theMet. Like Kalie Garrett, Valerie Chiang and Alex Stoddard, Anne He is one of those talented teenage photographers who knows how to leave a lasting impression. At just 16 years-old, Ann is taking beautiful pictures that rival those of professional fashion photographers. Her work has been featured in Youth Vision Magazine and Elle Girl Korea. She has new editorials coming up in DMAG and N.E.E.T. Magazine as well.

The Texas-based photographer began shooting only a couple of years ago, and she shifted her focus towards fashion and portraits this past summer. Ann shares that with photography she is able to capture the ordinary and the extraordinary. Her inspiration is a melting pot of the beautiful imagery she comes across online, the mood certain music evokes, and most of all, the models she works with.

"I used to dream up elaborate sets and visualized each frame in my mind, but now I just arrive on a shoot tabula rasa and work with what is happening in that moment," says Ann. A rising star, she is certainly making her mark in the artistic world.

Ann He's website
via [Ben Trovato]

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