Incredibly Dynamic Steel Wire Fairy Sculptures Dance in the Wind

UK-based artist Robin Wight uses stainless steel wire to form stunning, dramatic sculptures of winged fairies dancing in the wind. The enchanting forms, which range in size from miniature to life-sized, seem to have a life of their own as they strike dynamic poses, contort their bodies, and hold onto windswept dandelions.

To construct his ethereal sculptures, Wight first builds a sturdy skeleton out of thick steel wire. He then uses different gauges of wire to create muscles, limbs, and skin, wrapping them around the skeleton until they form a dense, lifelike form. Inside each figure lies a heart of stone, sometimes engraved with messages to make each piece unique and personalized.

The Staffordshire resident, who only started constructing fairy sculptures a few years ago as a simple hobby, was inspired by a photo he took in the woods one day. In the image, a hazy shimmer partially obscures a tree branch, revealing a mysterious, fairy-like shape. Whether the enigmatic form was a trick of the light or an otherworldly sign, Wight’s imagination has been captured by fairies ever since, resulting in his magical sculptures.

Many of Wight’s pieces are on display at the Trentham Gardens or in the homes of private clients. Although the sculptor is currently not accepting commissions due to a flood of interest, he has DIY starter kits as well as detailed instructions on his website, for anyone who wants to recreate some of the magic on their own.

Above: Photo by Jo Fitzpatrick

Robin Wight’s Fantasywire website
Fantasywire on Facebook
via [Colossal], [Reddit]

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